Sharing Your Work

Presenting Your Research

The annual Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium is the primary venue where Natural Sciences students present their research projects, but many students are also able to present their work at national and regional scientific conferences organized by professional associations. Many of these events are open to advanced undergraduates, and some even have events intended to attract undergraduate students into the field. There are also a number of conferences designed specifically for undergraduates. If you are interested in presenting at a conference, talk to your research professor to see how they feel about having you present your work outside of Rice.

Funding Opportunities

Once you've found a conference that is a good match for your research and level of education, you can begin the process of applying for grants to fund your travel, lodging and registration. Many scientific conferences offer some travel grants or reduced registration fees for students. Check the conference website or contact the organizers to see if you can apply for travel funds. On campus, Rice's Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry offers limited conference grants (up to $500/person) to juniors and seniors who have been accepted to present their research at a conference.