Undergraduate Advising

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Natural Sciences advisors - updated July 20, 2023

Natural Sciences Divisional Advisors

Baker - Bobby Beaird and Scott Solomon
Brown - Chris Johns-Krull and Caroline McNeil
Duncan - Kory Evans and Steve Wang
Hanszen - Edison Liang and Lam Yu
Jones - Barry Dunning and Dereth Phillips
Lovett - Mike Gustin and George Phillips
Martel - Anthony Chan and Andrea Isella
McMurtry - Laura Kabiri and Krista Kobylianskii
Sid Rich - Augusto Rodriguez and Lesa Tran Lu
Wiess - Betul Orcan-Ekmecki and Dan Wagner
Will Rice - Melodie French and Cassidy Johnson

Major Advisors


Prospectives, Freshmen and Undeclared Sophomores

Pre-declaration advisors are arranged geographically so that you can start by contacting an advisor assigned to your college or a college nearby.

Brown - Beth Beason-Abmayr
Jones - Dereth Phillips
Martel - Caroline Ajo-Franklin and Charles Stewart
McMurtry - Evan Siemann*
Duncan - Jamie Catanese and Theresa Loveless
Lovett - Caná Ross
Sid Rich - Yang Gao
Will Rice - Cassidy Johnson*
Baker - Scott Solomon*
Hanszen - Dan Carson
Wiess - Dan Wagner
*Ecology and Evolutionary Biology specialist advisor

Declared Majors and Minors

Major concentrations: Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics, Integrative Biology
Minor: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Kate Beckingham (Last name A-F)
Mike Stern (Last name G-K)
Jamie Catanese (Last name L-R)
Charles Stewart (Last name S-Z)

Major concentrations: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Integrative Biology
Minor: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Scott Solomon

Transfer Credit
Jamie Catanese (Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics, Integrative Biology concentrations)
Scott Solomon (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Integrative Biology concentrations)

Study Abroad Transfer Credit
James Chappell

Chemical Physics

Bruce Weisman


Baker - Kristi Kincaid
Brown - Samantha Yruegas
Duncan - Matt Jones
Hanszen - Jeff Hartgerink
Jones - Bruce Weisman
Lovett - Angel Martí
Martel - László Kürti
McMurtry - Julian West
Sid Rich - Kasey Leigh Yearty
Wiess - Raúl Hernández Sánchez
Will Rice - Han Xiao

Transfer Credit
John Hutchinson

Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Geoscience and Environmental Earth Science Areas of Specialization and Minors
Helge Gonnermann

Geoscience and Planetary Science Areas of Specialization and Minors
Melodie French

Transfer Credit
Melodie French

Environmental Science

Earth Science Concentration
Sylvia Dee
Carrie Masiello

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration
Evan Siemann
Amy Dunham


Health Sciences
Cassandra Diep
Heidi Perkins

Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology
Laura Kabiri
Amanda Perkins-Ball
Augusto Rodriguez

Transfer Credit
Heidi Perkins


Major and Minor Advisors
Zhiyong Gao
Frank Jones
Betul Orcan-Ekmekci
Stephen Semmes
Stephen Wang

Calculus Coordinator
Stephen Wang

Transfer Credit
Frank Jones


Prospectives, Freshmen and Undeclared Sophomores
Jon Flynn
Nele Lefeldt
Caná Ross

Declared Majors
Jon Flynn
Nele Lefeldt
Caná Ross

Transfer Credit
Peter Lwigale
Julia Saltz

Physics and Astronomy

Major Advisors

Patrick Hartigan
Chemical Physics
Bruce Weisman
General Physics
Stan Dodds
Applied Physics
Douglas Natelson
Biological Physics
Ching-Hwa Kiang
Computational Physics
Stephen Bradshaw

Minor Advisors
Patrick Hartigan (Astronomy)
Stan Dodds (Physics)

Transfer Credit
Patrick Hartigan (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Stan Dodds (Physics)

Overload Petitions
Stephen Bradshaw