Undergraduate Advising

Download the 2019 New Student Advising booklet

As an incoming freshman at Rice, you have many advisors available to you. Each residential college has four Divisional Advisors who are associated with your college, one from each of the four major undergraduate divisions. Each residential college also has a group of Peer Academic Advisors available to assist the Divisional Advisors. These advisors help you explore the majors in each division based on your personal interests and short- and long-term plans.

When you declare your major, your department will assign you to a Major Advisor. These faculty members represent a specific department or discipline and know all of the requirements for the major or minor. They can provide you with detailed information related to their discipline, including research opportunities, career paths, professional organizations and graduate school. You do not need to wait until you declare a major to consult with a Major Advisor. If you are interested in pursuing a major and need specific guidance or advice, contact a Major Advisor.

Start talking to your advisors as early as possible. There are many paths to each degree and the best courses for you may depend on your preparation and career aspirations. Your advisors can provide you with input on taking classes in a sensible order and also on how to pursue research opportunities.

Divisional Advisors

Baker - Dave Caprette
Brown - Chris Johns-Krull
Duncan - Michelle Gilbertson
Hanszen - Edison Liang
Jones - Barry Dunning
Lovett - George Phillips
Martel - Anthony Chan
McMurtry - Laura Kabiri
Sid Rich - Lesa Tran Lu
Wiess - Dan Wagner
Will Rice - Alma Novotny

Major Advisors


Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Pre-prospective and prospective students, freshman and undeclared sophomores
Beth Beason-Abmayr, Matthew Bennett, Jamie Catanese, Kathy Matthews, Alma Novotny, Dereth Phillips
Declared Majors and Minors - Kathleen Beckingham (A-H), Dave Caprette (I-P), Charles Stewart (Q-Z)
Study Abroad Transfer Credit - George Bennett
Transfer Credit - Dave Caprette

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Adrienne Correa, Scott Solomon
Study Abroad Transfer Credit and Transfer Credit - Scott Solomon


Baker - Kristi Kincaid
Brown - Zach Ball
Duncan - Michelle Gilbertson
Hanszen - Jeff Harterink
Jones - Bruce Weisman
Lovett - Angel Marti
Martel - László Kürti
McMurtry - Seiichi Matsuda
Sid Rich - Lon Wilson
Wiess - Christy Landes
Will Rice - Julianne Yost

Transfer Credit Phil Brooks

Earth, Evironmental and Planetary Sciences

Geology and Environmental - Andre Droxler, Jeff Nittrouer
Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics - Julia Morgan
Transfer Credit Julia Morgan

Environmental Science

Earth Science Concentration - Andre Droxler
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration - Evan Siemann
Environmental Studies Minor - Dominic Boyer
Transfer Credit - Andre Droxler


Health Sciences - Heidi Perkins, Cassandra Diep
Sports Medicine - Augusto Rodriguez, Amanda Perkins-Ball
Transfer Credit - Heidi Perkins


Major Advisors - Frank Jones, Stephen Wang, Zhiyong Gao, Stephen Semmes
Minor Advisors - Frank Jones, Zhiyong Gao, Stephen Semmes
Calculus Coordinator - Stephen Wang
Transfer Credit - Frank Jones


Behnaam Aazhang, David Dickman, Simon Fischer-Baum, Jon Flynn, Caleb Kemere
Transfer Credit - Dave Caprette

Physics and Astronomy

Astrophysics/Astronomy - Patrick Hartigan, Chris Johns-Krull
General Physics - Stan Dodds, Paul Padley
Chemical Physics - Jason Hafner
Applied Physics - Douglas Natelson
Biophysics - Ching-Hwa Kiang
Computational Physics - Frank Toffoletto
Transfer Credit - Patrick Hartigan (Astronomy), Stan Dodds (Physics)