Disciplinary knowledge — obtained through rigorous undergraduate and graduate degree programs across the full range of natural sciences — provides the foundation for a lifetime of discovery and impact. Faculty advisors in the School of Natural Sciences guide exploration of the many academic possibilities and help formulate a degree plan that reflects each student's specific background and goals.
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Fostering a sense of community and belonging in the Natural Sciences allows every member to thrive. Student clubs and student-focused events give everyone the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with faculty and other students.
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Undergraduate research gives you hands-on experience solving challenging, real-world problems — and it can be a lot of fun! Every student in the School of Natural Sciences has access to mentored research experiences on campus and off campus, including at the Texas Medical Center.
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A Rice Natural Sciences degree represents career-readiness and experience in a wide-range of transferrable, workforce-related skills. Every Natural Sciences graduate is prepared to secure competitive job placements in a broad spectrum of career paths or admission to top graduate and professional schools. Students hone communication, leadership and entrepreneurship skills through formal coursework, informal seminars, internships and interactions with dedicated mentors and fellow students.
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Outreach experiences designed to engage the public and spark the curiosity of future generations of scientists connect Natural Sciences students with the diverse Houston community. The many outreach groups in the School make it possible for every student to maximize the impact of their scientific knowledge and share their passion for science and social justice with the community, while developing valuable communication and leadership skills.
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