Sharing Your Work

Rice University Undergraduate Conference Funding Grants

The Center for Civic Leadership awards up to $500 per person for juniors and seniors who are attending a conference to present research.

Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium, RURS, is an event for undergraduates across all disciplines to present their research projects and compete for recognition from academic schools and research centers at Rice.

Distinction in Research and Creative Works

The Distinction in Research and Creative Works award is a university award for select undergraduates, granted at commencement. Submit an application to the academic department most closely associated with the subject matter of your project for consideration.

NSCI 320/520: Public Science Communication Seminar

Learn more about the techniques used in effective science communication in the Public Science Communication Seminar for undergraduate and graduate students, offered each Spring. In this course, students learn from people who regularly communicate about science with general audiences in order to gain an appreciation for the various types of public science communication and its importance to society.