Science Communication

Science Communication Training

Students in all Natural Sciences majors will take classes that include writing or communication exercises. These range from topical essays and term papers to project-specific lab reports, literature reviews and critiques, proposal preparation, proof writing and in class presentations.

NSCI 320/520  is a Public Science Communication Seminar course offered each Spring. In this course, undergraduate and graduate students learn from people who regularly communicate about science with general audiences in order to gain an appreciation for the various types of public science communication, its importance to society and techniques used in effective public science communication. Professions of recent guest speakers have included: science illustrator, filmmaker, museum programming and exhibit director, science journalist, author, national park interpreter, astronaut, and more.

Rice's Center for Academic and Professional Communication promotes excellence in written, oral and visual communication through one-on-one consultations and various workshops that are offered for students. 

Samples of Faculty, Student and Alumni Science Communication 

Many members of the Natural Sciences community are accomplished science communicators. A small sample of their efforts include: