Research Course Credit

All departments in Natural Sciences offer courses that give credit for undergraduate research. These research courses are "closed" or "permission of instructor," meaning that you have to have your project and preparation approved before you can enroll. Each department has a different process and requirements for enrolling, for example, some restrict access to declared majors only and some require prerequisites. Consult the course listings, departmental undergraduate research websites, and/or the course instructor for more information. 

Research courses in the School of Natural Sciences

University-wide research courses

  • UNIV 301: a zero credit course enabling students to have supervised research experience on and off campus recorded on their transcript
  • HONS 470/HONS 471: Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program (RUSP) is a two-semester course for students pursuing careers in academia/research. With a faculty mentor, students engage in a year-long research project and attend weekly seminars.