Physics and Astronomy
O-Week 2020

Learn more about Rice's Department of Physics and Astronomy from faculty member Steve Bradshaw.

Students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy will acquire and demonstrate a solid foundation of knowledge in physics and/or astronomy and deeper knowledge of subdivisions of the field related to their interests. They will build the theoretical, computational and laboratory skills necessary to succeed in graduate school or in the workplace and become leaders in their chosen discipline. Students will develop the ability to identify, formulate and solve challenging scientific and technical problems as encountered in physics and astronomy. They will acquire basic skills in reading the scientific literature and learn how to communicate scientific results orally and in writing with scientists and the general public.

The BA degrees in physics and astronomy provide a broad liberal education with a concentration in physical science, while allowing time to pursue other interests. Graduates typically seek employment in a range of professional fields or in secondary teaching.

The BS degrees in physics and astrophysics are intended to provide intensive pre-professional training. Options for specialized study include applied physics, biological physics and computational physics. Most graduates continue in graduate study or find immediate employment in a technical field.

Degrees Offered

Physics BS, BA, minor
Astronomy BA
Astrophysics BS