O-Week 2020

Learn more about Rice's Neuroscience major from faculty member Jon Flynn.

The Neuroscience BA degree is an interdisciplinary program that is designed to provide multiple paths for students interested in the brain and how it works. This degree path will explore the biological basis of cognition, how information is processed by neurons and neural systems, and how the latest mathematical and scientific tools can be utilized to learn more about ourselves.

This program will equip students to explore key issues, analyze and interpret neuro-scientific data, and both understand and apply experimental methods that expand our understanding of brain and neural function. Research experiences are highly encouraged with a wide range of investigators at Rice and across the street in the Texas Medical Center (TMC).

The neuroscience minor involves participation in core and elective courses selected from the major as well as research in active faculty laboratories throughout Rice and the TMC.

Degrees Offered

Neuroscience BA, minor