O-Week 2020

Learn more about Rice's Department of Mathematics from faculty members Tony Varilly-Alvarado and Steve Wang.

Mathematics is not just about numbers; it is the study of structures and patterns that, while abstract, provide a language and a toolkit for interpreting our world. The Mathematics Department offers courses in the traditional areas of pure mathematics: analysis, algebra, geometry and topology, as well as classes in such areas as combinatorics, dynamical systems, and probability. Undergraduates seeking a math degree receive training in problem solving, analytical thinking and the logical and precise communication of their ideas. It is precisely these skills that make math majors a valuable commodity everywhere, from industry to law to finance, plus many academic fields beyond math.

The BS program prepares students for PhD programs in mathematics and related disciplines. It requires courses from each of the subfields of mathematics.

The BA program is quite flexible, and is even more flexible for students doing another major with math (a popular choice!). Today's budding scientist, engineer, computer scientist, economist or social scientist needs much more mathematical training than did previous generations. The ease and flexibility of the double major in math allows students to get degree credit for their work.

Degrees Offered

Mathematics BS, BA, Minor

Mathematics Advising Handout