O-Week 2020

Learn more about Rice's Department of Kinesiology and the majors in Health Sciences and Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology from faculty members Laura Kabiri, Cassandra Diep, Amanda Perkins-Ball and Augusto Rodriguez.

The Kinesiology Department is home to two academic majors, Health Sciences and Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology. Flexible curricula permit undergraduate majors to tailor their coursework to their particular postgraduate needs and also permit them to study abroad, pursue internships and conduct undergraduate research. With a median class size of 19, students find an active, close-knit community of scholars, teachers and mentors who take a personal interest in every student major. The Kinesiology programs have one of the largest number of academic majors in the School of Natural Sciences and are among the largest choice of student majors at Rice.

The Health Sciences major provides students with a fundamental background in health promotion and disease prevention. Viewing health from the broader community level, students acquire the knowledge and skills for careers in public health related positions.

The Sport Medicine and Exercise Physiology major provides a strong basic science foundation and then interfaces this foundation with application to the human body. It is the only academic specialization on campus that provides detailed instruction in human anatomy and human physiology in addition to nutrition, biomechanics, motor learning and exercise physiology among other topics.

Degrees Offered

Health Sciences BA
Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology BA

Health Sciences Brochure

Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology Brochure