Environmental Science
O-Week 2020

Learn more about Rice's Environmental Science major from faculty member Carrie Masiello.

The Environmental Science degree is jointly offered by the Department of Biosciences and the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. It is designed to help students understand environmental issues from a scientific perspective and be able to solve issues using a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.

The interdisciplinary Environmental Science BS and BA degree paths explore interconnections between humans and the natural environment, drawing courses from Biosciences; Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences; Civil Engineering; and across Humanities and Social Sciences. This program is designed to foster the critical thinking required to address the increasing complexities facing our planet and develop solutions to enhance the environment.

The Environmental Studies minor provides a cross-disciplinary, holistic understanding of the challenges and solutions for creating a sustainable world. Open to undergraduates from a broad range of academic backgrounds, this minor provides foundational literacy in the social, cultural and scientific dimensions of environmental issues.

Degrees Offered

Environmental Science BS, BA
Environmental Studies minor (through the School of Humanities)