O-Week 2020

Chemistry at Rice is where innovation meets collaboration. Two Nobel laureates, dominance in the field of nanoscale science and technology, and significant contributions to both bioscience and materials science have propelled the Department of Chemistry to unparalleled status over the past two decades. Since Chemistry holds a unique position in science and technology, it has been the nucleus of collaboration across departments and schools.

The BS program rigorously prepares students for PhD programs in chemistry and related disciplines. The degree requirements are consistent with the guidelines for certification by the American Chemical Society. BS students complete a series of foundation courses in general chemistry and each of the core areas of chemistry: analytical, biological, inorganic, organic and physical. Students then complete a specialization in one or more of these areas. This curriculum provides a broad and comprehensive introduction to core areas of chemistry while establishing deep understanding in one or more specific fields.

The BA degree is a more flexible program that provides a broad overview of chemistry but includes less focused study in any single area. The chemistry BA is an ideal background for premedical students as it requires only 10 credit hours over the standard premedical requirements. It also couples well with a second major for students who want to pair a science and non-science major for breadth of knowledge.

Degrees Offered

Chemistry BS, BA

Chemistry Undergraduate Advising booklet