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Mathematic's Marie Magee this week's Centennial Star

Marie MageeMarie Magee has been at Rice since 1984, when she joined the staff as a purchasing and accounting clerk for the administration. She transferred to the Space Physics and Astronomy Department the next year, where she was promoted twice before leaving the department in 1998 for her current position as department administrator in Mathematics.

Magee received a Distinguished Employee Award in 2000 and was praised for her administrative talents and her people skills. That same valuable combination inspired this year’s Centennial Stars nomination.

“Her positive influence on the department is plain for everyone to see,” said the nomination letter.

Magee handles grant applications, the letter said, and the department’s funding has increased dramatically during her tenure. She oversees graduate students’ progress, and many have gone on to distinguished positions inside and outside the academic world. Magee leads the Mathematics Department staff, the letter said, “and the department is more professional and efficient than ever before.”

Outside of her regular job duties, Magee is part of the TEAMS program, which is designed to encourage leadership and development at Rice.

“She has performed her duties with great care and grace,” the letter said. “Each member of our department has benefited from her support and guidance.”

If Magee doesn’t know the solution to a problem, it said, she knows someone who does.

“From missing chalk and broken furniture to the complexities of immigration rules and hiring, Marie is the one we all turn to with questions,” the letter said.

Magee’s work in the Mathematics Department has been crucial, the letter said: “Without Marie’s contributions, many of the most positive developments of recent years simply could not have happened.”